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Ahhh great for the laughs. Thanks! I enjoyed this quite a bit more then I anticipated.

Yup. thats the B. Hard to believe but there is so many of them.
once you stop focusing on the problem youll notice.

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right off the bat great bass and synth!
imo i would remove the shaker(hats) at 0:14 and add them back later on ;)
overall quality is pretty good!
You going to finish ?

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Hey! Thanks for checking this out!

Well, I'll try to finish it after I end my degree next July. I am just uploading little demos at the moment because I don't have that much time to work on my music projects. I'll keep posting these little teaser until I am finally free.

Thanks again for listening! :D


:O this reminds me of good old times, but also Ashley Wallbridge(producer/DJ). Good stuff Gonzo!

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks Timo! Glad you liked it :D

What in the world o_O ..
What a massive skill jump/improvement you made since... before summer break!
Its insane man! To top it of,
this is the first song of yours where the bass levels are to my liking! :O
And lets be honest, the song is good..

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Now this is detailed mate!
very professional in my case atleast.
this is, or was, what i used to draw when i loved to draw back in the years.
just on a simple piece of paper with only a pencil, nothing less or more.

Musical-Memoirs responds:

its fun to draw once in a while... for me it is also a long time ago that i drew a lot, after a long time no drawing at all i picked it up a little
once in a while (which means once in the 2 month or longer) i just take a piece of paper and try to draw something again and i love it :P
its fun to pick up old hobbies

I create whatever the feqq i want, whenever i want. You like it? fine.. you dont? piss off.

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