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fuck my life.

2017-11-27 03:11:37 by D-Chain

well.. hi.
2 days ago i decided to "free up" some space by formatting one of my drives.
This i wanted to do because i have a small project laying around i want to do next month.
Drive Q contained files i already checked and basically had a green light for formatting.
The other, Drive O contained Fruity Loops and all extra's in its full glory.
Both drives shared an almost identical name.. and...
By pure unintentional 'luck' i started formatting drive O and said goodbye to fruity loops..
Actually i didnt say that because in my mind i was formatting Drive Q -,-
I tryed stopping it by pressing Cancel a dozen times, but to no avail sadly..

And here i am. fuck this shit.
im done.


Quick one

2017-10-08 16:17:29 by D-Chain

Latest stuff im doing:
Bootleg/Edit or Remix or.. whatever you want to call it for Tiesto's Suburban Train (originally came out in 2001).
5 Years ago i also tryed a 'first ever' take on remixing the track but lets just say that.. i simply failed :D which is good though! My failure got me hooked AGAIN to take on the mighty Suburban Train.
I want this remix to sound almost identical to the original but with my vision, my sounddesign and creativity, i will sincerly do my best to make this happen.

Signing out..