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Posted by D-Chain - March 25th, 2018

just thought i'd share this through newgrounds aswell.

Destination Unknown have been inactive for over a year or so.
I am a part in and around and, i wouldnt normally say this but, i think without me there is no Destination Unknown.
So it was time to regroup and turn the tides. only this time we stick together as one.
This means that i lay down my sword and say goodbye to my 'solo' time :)
Oh! and before i forget, everything that gets an upload to this newgrounds account from now on has everything to do with the group.

If for reason to believe this group falls again, i'd like it to be on hiatus for possible comeback.
For now all i can think of is; the future beholds bright things for us! But what it is? we dont know yet either!



Posted by D-Chain - November 27th, 2017

well.. hi.
2 days ago i decided to "free up" some space by formatting one of my drives.
This i wanted to do because i have a small project laying around i want to do next month.
Drive Q contained files i already checked and basically had a green light for formatting.
The other, Drive O contained Fruity Loops and all extra's in its full glory.
Both drives shared an almost identical name.. and...
By pure unintentional 'luck' i started formatting drive O and said goodbye to fruity loops..
Actually i didnt say that because in my mind i was formatting Drive Q -,-
I tryed stopping it by pressing Cancel a dozen times, but to no avail sadly..

And here i am. fuck this shit.
im done.


Posted by D-Chain - October 8th, 2017

Latest stuff im doing:
Bootleg/Edit or Remix or.. whatever you want to call it for Tiesto's Suburban Train (originally came out in 2001).
5 Years ago i also tryed a 'first ever' take on remixing the track but lets just say that.. i simply failed :D which is good though! My failure got me hooked AGAIN to take on the mighty Suburban Train.
I want this remix to sound almost identical to the original but with my vision, my sounddesign and creativity, i will sincerly do my best to make this happen.

Signing out..