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In Search Of...

2017-05-11 07:59:33 by D-Chain

Hey everyone.
I've been moving places and think im settled in my new home now.
Which brings me directly to music production.
Its been a while since i have published anything good here, with good reason.
Whenever i start up Fruity Loops it feels like i need to relearn everything i already know.
Its a weird experience considering i've been doing music for quite some time now.
But none the less im trying my best to focus on where my roots are within music production.
I need to go back before i can move forward again.
Searching for a way to get better at what i love doing <3

Now that has been said, i've got a brand spanking new euphoria for you called "Twenty Miles Apart" a song based upon real events. I can only pray you like it.

Thats all i have for now.

The Silent treatment..

2016-10-10 22:46:10 by D-Chain

So, its been a while now, atleast it feels like a while since i last be checkin upon NG.
Not much has changed tho, i see and hear some raw talent hangin about, people decide to move on with their lives and others, returned.. i hope for the better!

well, i on the other hand have been planning and waiting to conquer.
To overcome and to move forward.

To Be Continued..

Moombah time

2016-04-28 11:20:11 by D-Chain

Hi, this is a simple News post update.

It took some time for this move to finally get the upper hand but it did.

Im adding moombahcore/glitch-hop to my style-palette. Im kinda diggin those lately.

want a nutbuster? click this!


2016-04-05 17:43:11 by D-Chain

Check out my newest project if you like, click!
It will be published under my new alias Tobias Oakly.
Have fun! and i'd say, dream away! :)


2016-03-18 06:57:36 by D-Chain

Great news for the lot of ya!
There's a triplet-collaboration -track in production heading for higher grounds.
To think i was about to stop music production, what WAS i thinking.
The fresh sounds of an incomplete track thats heading
towards succes with this mind boggling rate is almost unthinkable.

Want to check our production in the state it is in right now? 
Click on the Newgrounds-Link or Soundcloud-Link
And please dont forget to tell us what YOU guys think! Having an opinion is one thing but your opinion is most important value to add or receive on our consideration-list, or in short 'To-do list'.

Oh, before i forget.. Follow us! ;)

Track finishing state: 43% (This will increase with each new scheduled update)
Next update is scheduled on friday the 25th! Be sure to check it out!

and THIS guys... well, check for yourself :)

Want to check us on fb? you can! lol!
Timo (Me)

The time has come

2016-01-27 13:43:56 by D-Chain

Dear you,

as you might have noticed my absence let me to complete silence.
true that, its because i have to much going on right now to focus solely on music.
Even though im still very much brainstorming the shizz out of music,
i can't seem to find the perfect balance between my average-day life and music.

So, unlike many times before; i used to say that i won't be back for good.
I simply cannot lie to you guys and myself any longer.
This time i'll keep it simple and tell you the truth, it is how it is.
Life has its own plans, sometimes for the greater good, other times for the lesser.
I believe that there is something great out there and feel the need to follow it in its footsteps.

For now, maybe, till next time!
If not, happy living! enjoy it while you can!

Much love to all of you,



2015-10-05 10:30:57 by D-Chain

Aero Chord - Surface(Make the Ground Shake)(Ian Kayell Edit)
Check it out right HERE or HERE
And let me know what u think!

Peace and out ;)

okay ...

2015-09-18 17:12:58 by D-Chain

To start this new post,
first i would like to mention that i had a great time in France this year.
Second; (and im not proud to say this..)
there is no new music coming from me for the upcoming..
weeks? months? maybe years? maybe decades?

one of the reasons being my track "Kite"
its a marvelous track, absolutely stunning and doesnt get boring.
Which is exactly my point.. how do i go from there..
How do i surpass such brilliance.

Well, it certainly is not my idea 'box'
I have lots of great ideas running through my mind i have to say,
but if they are all criss-crossing each other i can not simply pick something and expect it to be equal to or greater then "Kite".. Because i already tryed a lot of them ideas.

So, due to this.. nonsense i can safely say i might be undergoing some writers-block >_>
its horrible. i dislike it. and have absolutely no idea how to move forward now instead.
Please have some patience.


2015-07-06 06:06:55 by D-Chain

Remember this one?
i do! :)

"Inactive Modus"

2015-06-12 18:10:09 by D-Chain

OK.. i lied. to all of you.
ive been busy with Kite(song) ever since it first begun to take shape, trying to find my limits or atleast look to see if i have any limits.
seems my boundaries aren't made to be stable but rather flexible.

This --> (Click) <-- is THE final update.. thus, the original mix and final mixtape.
its time i send this to as many radio stations, labels ect ect as i possibly can.
AND as a backup, i present "Connection" as my newest and up- and coming track.
I sincerely insist you to press the play button, lay back and enjoy the sounds!

Have a nice summer everyone! (vacation -for those who can afford it) and enjoy your freedom because ill be in my 'inactive' modus from this point on. (no new music im afraid)
ill check on you from time to time so please keep posting those delicious tracks!


Here it is, "Connection" as image :)
And here is the link for the full track
And here it is, "Connection" as image :)