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Ahhh great for the laughs. Thanks! I enjoyed this quite a bit more then I anticipated.


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Yup. thats the B. Hard to believe but there is so many of them.
once you stop focusing on the problem youll notice.

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Ebullience (Original Mix) Ebullience (Original Mix)

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oh god the 2009 trance vibe is present <3<3<3 lovelovelove this :D

Mich responds:

The late 00s (well, most of the 00s actually) were a good time for Trance in my opinion, so I take that as high praise, thank you. :-) Glad you enjoy!

TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm - Monody (GTB Remix) [NG cut] TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm - Monody (GTB Remix) [NG cut]

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well let me tell you that i took the time to listen to your 2015 Monody remix demo version.
This i do so i can compare the 2 besides giving "just" a review ;)

So on to the start where it all begins.
you start of fresh i like it, its energized and fast paced.
The following build up's are quick strong and some are subtle changes that scream for more energy.
And with good reason because it keeps building and more energy is given to me the listener.
This truely reminds me of how trance used to sound 15 years ago.
But, i can't forgive myself for putting this in the review, i really dont like how the lead synth sounds, it is simply too cheesy for me :) i somewhat had hoped that in those 2 years you would somehow tweak the sound a little bit to make it less cheesy. but thats just MY PERSONAL TASTE lol.

Those vocals are amazing aswell, a great acapella AND great singer.
I feel that you put too much reverb on those vocals, better lower that reverb a little bit and try to combi with really subtle delay so you almost draw it sort of out, but its subtle so more for filler.
Another thing is the effects (sweeps, crashes ect) are somewhat harshe, you could lower the volume levels a bit to make it more friendly to the listeners ears ;)

Apart from my critism, i really REALLY love what you did with this remix.
It truely shows that much time has gone into it, therefor i shall fav it.
Ill give you 4,5 stars as my review score and a 5 on the rating because this deserves a 5.

just remember, music comes from the heart and soul, time is only a limitation for us producers.

Terminal Velocity V2 Terminal Velocity V2

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Hmm i had high hopes for the very first version you uploaded.
i was like Dude, you NAILED IT! holy shit that bass is absolutely KILLING! :D
But, im not feeling it anymore sadly.

Nonetheless, i encourage you to keep going i find your workflow very interesting.
i can see the vocals work, but i would suggest to keep them out and use them for a new project ;)

Keitomine responds:

I fully agree with you. I liked what I had at first and decided to just stay from scratch with my midi data, because like I said, I got too ambitious.

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mountain lanscape mountain lanscape

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Now this is detailed mate!
very professional in my case atleast.
this is, or was, what i used to draw when i loved to draw back in the years.
just on a simple piece of paper with only a pencil, nothing less or more.

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Musical-Memoirs responds:

its fun to draw once in a while... for me it is also a long time ago that i drew a lot, after a long time no drawing at all i picked it up a little
once in a while (which means once in the 2 month or longer) i just take a piece of paper and try to draw something again and i love it :P
its fun to pick up old hobbies