Entry #26

In Search Of...

2017-05-11 07:59:33 by D-Chain

Hey everyone.
I've been moving places and think im settled in my new home now.
Which brings me directly to music production.
Its been a while since i have published anything good here, with good reason.
Whenever i start up Fruity Loops it feels like i need to relearn everything i already know.
Its a weird experience considering i've been doing music for quite some time now.
But none the less im trying my best to focus on where my roots are within music production.
I need to go back before i can move forward again.
Searching for a way to get better at what i love doing <3

Now that has been said, i've got a brand spanking new euphoria for you called "Twenty Miles Apart" a song based upon real events. I can only pray you like it.

Thats all i have for now.


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