The Silent treatment..

2016-10-10 22:46:10 by D-Chain

So, its been a while now, atleast it feels like a while since i last be checkin upon NG.
Not much has changed tho, i see and hear some raw talent hangin about, people decide to move on with their lives and others, returned.. i hope for the better!

well, i on the other hand have been planning and waiting to conquer.
To overcome and to move forward.

To Be Continued..


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2017-01-02 00:03:03

Question -- Ian Kayell / Tim Endew = same person, or two people with one FB page?

D-Chain responds:

those are artist names i publish music with.
to answer your question more direct; Yes, these 2 are one and the same with only 1 personal FB page.
Hope this helped ;)